Sign Cabinets

Sign Cabinets, also common referred to as light boxes, are cost effective and come in many sizes and shapes. Light boxes illuminate and can be paired with various front-end designs. Sixstream Signs manufactures our Light boxes with an interchangeable face making them ideal for tenant signs or signs that will be changed time to time.

Light boxes come standard with an acrylic face, allowing for the application of vinyl or digitally printed film. A popular alternatives to this is an aluminum routed faces with push through lettering

Light Box Sixstream Signs

Channel Letters

Channel letters offer great visual impact and come in many design options. If you're after a clean cut look to maximize store front exposure, look no further. Channel letters are constructed with depth making them easily distinguishable from other architectural elements. For additional effect channel letters are often illuminated with LEDs. LEDs are versatile, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance. The most popular illumination methods for Channel letters are face-lit and halo-lit. The extra lighting helps create higher sign visibility in dark conditions.

Channel Letters Sixstream Signs

Pylon Signs

Never be overlooked again. Due to their towering appearance, pylon signs are known for attracting new customers and helping regulars discover what else the location has to offer. Pylon signs are great for displaying directories, highlighting venders and increasing roadside visibility. Commonly found roadside or at an entry way they are easily seen and make great landmarks.

Pylon signs are generally freestanding, constructed to rest directly atop a base or pole-mounted for extra elevation. They come single or double sided and can be divided to accommodate any number of sign inserts.

Pylon Sixstream Signs

Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl Wraps are one of the most versatile forms of signage. Dye cut, digitally printed or both, vinyl can be mounted to almost any surface. High exposure walls, retail windows and vehicles can be turned into valuable advertising real-estate. With endless design options these signs are constrained only by your imagination.

Vinyl Wrap Sixstream Signs

Dimensional Signs

Dimensional signs are used to create an extra level of dimension or depth. Dimensional signs are routed or engraved from solid materials including MDF, PVC, foam, aluminum and acrylic

Dimensional Sixstream Signs

Rigid Signs

Rigid signs are commonly made from flat substrates printed or mounted with cut/printed films. They are great for way finding and advertising.

Rigid Sixstream Signs

Neon Signs

Neon is one of the most iconic types of signage, bright, bold and brilliant. Neon is bent glass illuminated by various gases giving a classic look in a wide array of colors.

Neon Sixstream Signs